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Get a Mediterranean-style bathroom with Sanycces

Have you just returned from travel and already think about more moments of evasion? From Sanycces we have

selected for you 5 Mediterranean style bathrooms so you can continue travelling from the comfort of your own house.

We spend a lot of time daily in the bathroom either to take care of our heads at feet or to clean ourselves. It is essential, to feel at ease and therefore you must have made a clever choice of decoration and materials.

Offer yourself a Mediterranean getaway in your own bathroom with high quality materials and colors that immerse you in the freshness of the sea and its most fascinating depths.

From Sanycces, we help you recreate in your bathroom a Mediterranean atmosphere full of light andnaturalness. Follow our advice!

The choice of colors, coatings, decorative accessories, etc … Every detail is important when it comes to getting the perfect Mediterranean decoration.

1.Light tones to light the room.

White is the undisputed protagonist of Mediterranean decoration. Not only provides

luminosity and visual amplitude, but also transmits serenity and freshness.

2. Blue touches.

Approach the sea by adding blue touches in your bathroom using textiles and accessories.

Different shades Fresh and relaxing.

3.Earth colors


Choose high quality materials with warm colors inspired by the earth, such as beige and terracotta color.

4.Natural coatings

Choose natural coatings. Ceramic tiles or natural stone coverings will make you feel closer to the Mediterranean.

5. Accessories

All those decorative details inspired by nature will be welcome:

o Wicker baskets and willow items

o Ceramics

o Plants

o Linen

o Cotton

o Wood logs and dry branches


From Sanycces we can help you achieve your wellness oasis. We have a team

of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in design, manufacturing and

marketing of bathroom equipment.


Our team of professionals is able to design the space of well-being that suits your needs.