Sanycces is an independent bathroom company born in 1993. The Mediterranean Sea defines our vision of design: calmness, closeness and accessible and beautiful products made to last functionally and emotionally.

A family history

Sanycces is a family business. Nowadays the second generation runs the brand, and we keep working as a close-knit group. Sanycces is still guided by the Mediterranean values that have seen us come into being: closeness and unconditional love for what we do.

Bathrooms with soul for a contemporary state of mind

Industrial precision, handcrafted finish

At Sanycces we combine the latest manufacturing technologies with handcrafted finishing techniques. We like to pamper every product that leaves our workshop. A balance between industrial perfection and the warmth of a hand-finished product. For this we have our own factory which allows us to guarantee the best quality of all our products.

To manufacture products for the bathroom is to create beautiful, accessible, and quality designs, both emotionally and functionally.

We trust in design

We are convinced that practicing good design improves people’s lives. That is our reason for working with external designers, professionals with whom we vibrate on the same frequency: the Mediterranean Sea.