Sanydur gel coat

Sanydur is made of a core of mineral fillers and vynil-ester resins that provide rigidity and dimensional stability. Its sanitary gel coat layer has several functions: waterproofing, color and texture stability, anti-slip properties, preventing surface porosity and making cleaning easier. In addition, it extends service life, offers chemical resistance, and allows for repairs. Compared to lacquers and paints, Sanydur’s gel coat retains color better, is more non-slip, prevents porosity, withstands the passage of time and offers greater chemical resistance.

Shower trays - Bathtubs - Washbasins

Sanitary Acrylic

Sanycces began its project in 1993 with bathtubs made of sanitary acrylic sheet reinforced with resin and fiberglass. Throughout our history, acrylic has proven to be a sturdy and timeless material.


Natural stone

Natural stone stands out for its exceptional versatility, durability, and adaptability, making it a preferred choice as a sustainable building material. It not only stands out for its strength and ability to adapt to various architectural applications, but it also contributes significantly to the reduction of environmental impact.

Washbasins · Auxiliary furniture

Vitrified ceramic

Vitrified ceramic is widely used in the sanitary industry. It consists of a ceramic body, covered with a glaze, which is vitrified by heat. Its main features are its high hardness and wear resistance, high gloss, low porosity, high chemical resistance, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Washbasins · Sanitary ware

Natural wood

The fresh air that our countertops and auxiliary furniture breathe comes from natural woods, such as oak, walnut or iroko. Its matte finish interacts with light, bringing a warmth that responds to its soft touch.

Countertops · Auxiliary furniture

Finishes and colors

Faucets · Accessories · Shower enclosures
CR Cromo Brillo
BM Negro Mate
MG Metal Gun
RW Raw Metal
NB Niquel Cepillado
Oro Cepillado
Oro Rosa Cepillado
Basins · Natural stone
Carrara marble
Marquina marble
Pietra grey stone
Sanitary ware · Ceramic basins
Blanco brillo
Blanco mate
Negro mate
Shower enclosures
Cristal Transparente
Fume Café
Decor Nero
Decor Bianco
Auxiliar furnitures
Verde salvia
Azul acero
Puff Cima fabrics
Verde Salvia
Azul Acero
Countertops · Basins · Accessories
Duna step
Corcho negro
Tempo rope