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The minimalist bathroom is dressed in white

Do you want to shape your bathroom to get a modern and minimalist design?

Building a bathroom of minimalist aesthetics means choosing simple elements, using little decoration and promoting the spaciousness of the room. The contemporary bathroom becomes that stay where you can relax after the long day.

Which shades are best suited for bathing?

The modern bathroom style is based on creating beautiful rooms without overloads, generating a feeling of more space. In this way, white is the favorite color of minimalist design.

This shade is the most used, since it brings simplicity, clarity, luminosity, cleanliness and order. It offers an environment that combines perfectly with the rest of shades and materials. Black, wood effect and neutral tones such as grey or brown are a good choice for this room.

When using the same color it can be too muted and generate few contrasts. For this reason, the combination between tones is the perfect choice to get a bathroom ten.

Blank bathroom equipment

On the other hand, bath products in white tones such as sinks and bathtub bring a classic touch, simplicity and minimalism at the same time.

mamparas y duchas

mamparas y duchas

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