Rafael Ceballos, the leading company in ceramics, markets our products

Rafael Ceballos is a pioneer and benchmark company in the sector of construction and ceramics.

Inaugurated in Granada in 1965, is one of the most important companies in the ceramic sector in the province of Granada. In turn, it is considered one of the five best companies in Andalusia.

Their Products: a commitment to innovation and diversity

Ceballos is characterized by offering a wide variety of products among which we find various bathroom equipment products of our company, Sanycces.

The Company has two product exhibition plants. In particular, more than 3000 meters of exhibition surface. Its facilities are well organized and continuously renewed.

This is why it is defined by its great diversity of bath products and by offering the most innovative trends.

Personalized Advice

Rafael Ceballos is composed of a highly qualified team. All of the professionals have as their main objective to advise each one of their customers to provide them with the products that best suit their needs.

A wide range of Sanycces equipment

With Regard to its range of products, the company sells different Sanycces Bath accessories. From bathtubs, shower trays and screens to shower trays.

Here are some of the products you can find:

  • Baths: Free and hydro-massage baths.
  • Washbasins: Solid Sanycces washbasins, ceramic washbasins in mate and brightness.
  • Shower enclosures: Single Family Shower Screens, Manhattan and New Lisbon.
  • Showers: Nile and Indo Nera shower set.

Rafael Ceballos, a leading company that collaborates with our company to offer quality products every day adapted to the needs of the client.

At Sanycces, we always look for your wellbeing!