Matt finish: the best choice for your bathroom.

When you want to renovate your bathroom completely, you look for the most suitable bathroom equipment. The main objective is to be elegant, functional and comfortable.

This last point, comfort, is indispensable. A bathroom supplement that requires excessive care is not the most appropriate. It must have three components: easy cleaning, shock resistance
and easy maintenance.

However, what is the best finish for your sinks or bathtubs?

We explain the finish you must choose to turn your bathroom into an area to relax completely without complications.

Matt finish: modern and comfortable.

Finish gloss or matt? Stainless steel is usually manufactured in a matt finish, making it the ideal material for your bathroom.

It provides a modern aesthetic, easy to clean and resistant to oxidation. This makes it one of the most used finishes for the bathroom area.

Discover Sanycces equipment in matt finish.

In Sanycces, we have three matt ceramic models:

Marsala: circular

Catania: circular surface

Trapani: oval finish

All of them are available in black and white. Each one has a different shape and they provide a modern and minimalist design.

Transform your bathroom!

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