Colours combinations: Loop in brushed gold and brushed rose gold

Designs, shapes, finishes, textures… lots of options to create unique spaces. Choosing the perfect faucet can be tricky but with the perfect timeless finishes you can achieve touches of value for any style.

Dive into the world of Loop, an elegant, minimalist faucet with highly customizable finishes. In addition to being environmentally friendly, they incorporate systems:

A system applied to external thermostatic shower mixers to maintain the contact surface at a safe temperature. The design of the internal body of the faucet is engineered so that the hot water is in the centre of the thermostat and minimizes its path to avoid overheating the surface of the faucet and the risk of scalding.

An opening system in single-lever basin mixers in which hot water is not consumed in the usual position of use, but only when the handle is turned to the left, achieving the appearance of warm water. A way of making conscious use of the energy used.


Loop options in brushed gold


A sophisticated yet restrained 18K gold colour. It becomes an accent piece, a protagonist in any composition. Manufactured using PVD technique.


Sliding shower rail

Metal sliding rail with sliding and adjustable support.

grifería loop sanycces


1-way wall mounted single lever shower mixer with sliding rail

1-way single lever mixer with anti-fingerprint PVD treatment. With 120 mm diameter and must be accompanied with the corresponding Sanybox flush-mounted body.

grifería loop sanycces


Single lever basin mixer

Loop single lever basin mixer with a height of 173 mm, cold opening system for click-clack drain valve, NEOPERL® aerator and PVD anti-fingerprint treatment.

grifería loop sanycces


Loop options in brushed rose gold


Brushed rose gold is on trend. With reddish shimmers, it conveys its own style and elegance. Of course, manufactured using PVD technology.


Thermostatic shower column

Shower column with adjustable height, 2 mm stainless steel shower head, sliding and swivelling support, thermostatic mixer (38º) and anti-fingerprint PVD treatment.

grifería loop sanycces


Single-lever basin mixer

A single lever basin mixer with the same specifications as the low single lever basin mixer but with a height of 363 mm.

grifería loop sanycces


Wall-mounted single lever basin mixer

Wall-mounted single lever basin mixer with cold opening system, energy saving and anti-fingerprint PVD treatment. Remember that it must be accompanied by the corresponding Sanybox flush-mounted body.

grifería loop sanycces


Loop colour options


With a total of 6 colour options, you can create up to 36 different combinations with the Loop taps.

grifería loop sanycces


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